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Tips for a Great Corporate Retreat


Why a Corporate Retreat?

Looking to build or re-build your team? Launch a new product or service? Or maybe iron out a strategic plan? Corporate retreats have long been used by companies for team-building, seminars, as well as to brainstorm and plan future actions because they offer an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking.

There are a number of venues that host all kinds of different retreats year-round and they can provide a variety of concierge services including planned and facilitated events or even a basic location rental only where the retreat is organized by the client or company.

Benefits of a Corporate Retreat:

A corporate retreat is an opportunity to resolve issues away from the daily distractions at the office and a great way to tap into your teams creative potential and get some fresh perspective.

There are a number of benefits that a corporate retreat will offer both your employees and your company. One of the most essential benefits is the sense of community that is fostered through such an event. Corporate retreats bring your company together and this interaction helps to create a platform for “shared ownership” amongst all the people involved in the process.

Other benefits include:

* Employees who feel appreciated and part of a team
* Team unity and commitment to new and common objectives
* More effective long range planning
* Better business results due to better use of your team’s creative potential
* A revitalized and refreshed team perspective
In an environment away from the common distractions of the office, employees can focus on the goals and objectives of the meeting. With a renewed sense of purpose, some of the best business ideas come as a result of successful corporate retreats.

Tips for a Great Corporate Retreat:

So what makes a great retreat? You want to put together a retreat that really has an impact on your company. To do this you should aim to create an environment where people are comfortable speaking their minds and really contributing their voice to the issues or objectives at hand. You want to create an environment of comfort, interactiveness and relevance. Most of all, the retreat should highlight what your company stands for.

Here are some key considerations when planning your corporate retreat:

Pick a great location – spend some time and think ahead when determining a suitable location for your company’s retreat. Choose a location that is not only picturesque but also comfortable, convenient and functional. A location that is set away from metropolitan areas will especially be appreciated by those who are used to the ‘concrete jungle’ as part of their daily commute. Making your employees feel ‘pampered’ will give them a sense that your company values them and what they have to contribute to the retreat. They will want to live up to the challenge with enthusiasm for the objectives your company is trying to achieve.

Make it fun -There are many advantages to adding an element of fun to your company’s corporate retreat. Be sure to provide activities that include time for informal discussion. This is a great way to encourage your team to get to know one another better. Making it fun will also add more value to the retreat as well as compensate for pulling your employees away from their families and homes.

Activities might include yoga, stand up paddling,meditation, whale watching, hiking and other stress-relieving activities. Other organized activities should foster team building and group cohesion, in which case groups may solve puzzles, play games, and engage in other group activities.

Find a Great Facilitator – Another great consideration is who will facilitate the retreat?. You want a facilitator who is trained in group processes and able to maintain a neutral position throughout brainstorming and debate. The CEO or a manager of the company is not always the best idea. Hiring a professional facilitator, if your company can afford it is a great way to get your employees help to get your team thinking outside the box and foster an environment where they are comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas.

Make it Educational – Have part of the retreat focus on learning some cutting edge ideas. This could include case studies, talking about companies that have success and identifying why. Be sure to ask what your company can learn from these discussions. The principles they will take away are far more valuable than learning tactics or tips.

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