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Retreat In Laguna Proprieters Attend 40th AFI’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Renowned Oscar winning actress Shirley MacLaine was handed the 40th “Lifetime Achievement Award” from John Travolta at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California. The American Film Institute bestowed the actress with his award on Thursday, June 7th. She has 70 films to date under her belt within her illustrious career spanning just shy of 6 decades. She has been nominated four times by the Academy of Motion Pictures for her roles in “The Apartment”, “Terms of Endearment”, “The Turning Point”, and “Irma la Douce”. Of these nominations she took home the Oscar for “Terms of Endearment” in 1983. Proprietors, Stella and Lloyd Charton, of The Retreat in Laguna Beach were graciously invited to attend the event Thursday honoring her.

Without question, Shirley named after Shirley Temple was “due” to receive this award amongst her other Lifetime Achievement Awards. Her hard work ethic (dancing an entire performance with a broken ankle while attending the Washington School of Ballet) and close connections throughout her career staring alongside The Rat Pack members in “Ocean’s Eleven” poised her for greatness. The star herself has stated about her career, “I wasn’t interested in my stature as a star. Ever. I was just interested in good parts.” This simple fact has solidified her position as a leading lady. This non-fame seeking mentality is a key ingredient in her longstanding success as an actress in Hollywood.

The evening was full of A-listers who included Jack Nicholson, Jack Black, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts and the Chartons were humbled to be in their presence. Stella and Lloyd have been supporters of the arts throughout Orange County for the last 12 years as significant donors for The Bower Museum, The Orange County Performing  Arts Center, Musical Theater University as well as Dana Hills Highschool where their daughter, Amber enjoying studying theater.  We are looking forward to hosting an event for the American Film Institute in the fall for their annual gathering right here at The Retreat In Laguna.

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